Anne Anastasia - Red Clay School District

Dr. Louis Arena - University of Delaware

Jennifer Bishop - Brandywine School District

Dr. Nigel Caplan - University of Delaware

Christine Meginniss - Smyrna School District

Dr. Shirley Moux - Colonial School District

Olinda Coverdale - Cape Henlopen School District

Hilda Delgado-Greener – Founder

Margie Loveland – Department of Education (ret.)

Dr. Oribel McFann - Caesar Rodney School District
Rebecca Scarborough – Department of Education (ret.)

Dr. Scott Stevens - University of Delaware 

Sugely Solano - Brandywine School District 

Anne Thompson - Red Clay School District

Jacqueline Wager - Cape Henlopen School District

Ashley Weaver - Red Clay School District


Melanie Quill - Red Clay School District


Advisory Council Continued

DELLTA's Executive Board

Margie Loveland, ret. DDOE.
Eileen DeGreegoriis, Smyrna SD.
Jennifer Bishop, Brandywine SD.
Jackie Wager, Cape Henlopen SD.
Oribel McFann-Mora, Capital SD.

DELLTA Officers

Oribel McFann-Mora

DELLTA's President

Oribel has been a DELLTA member since starting her career as an EL teacher almost 10 years ago. She has been involved in several DELLTA efforts to improve the education of DE ELs. She continues her advocacy efforts in her new role at DELLTA. Please contact her at if you're interested in learning more about DELLTA and what it does.

Jen Bishop

DELLTA's Vice President and Treasurer

Jennifer has been teaching reading and ESL for over twenty-five years.  Most of her teaching experience has been in Delaware in the Brandywine School District and at Newark Charter School.  She is currently teaching ESL in an elementary and a middle school setting.  She joined DELLTA about six years ago and has served as the secretary, treasurer, and vice president. 

DELLTA Officers

Dr. Oribel McFann-Mora

DELLTA's President

Oribel has been a DELLTA member since starting her career as an EL teacher for over 13 years. She has been involved in several DELLTA, State, and local efforts to prioritize DE ELs' education. She continues her advocacy efforts in her role at DELLTA. She is passionate about helping others learn about second language learning. Please contact her at if you're interested in learning more about DELLTA and what it does or if you need support in anything related to second language learning.

Dr. Lyubov Umstead

DELLTA's Treasurer

Dr. Umstead has been teaching English Learners for over 13 years. Her dissertation focused around CALL and the teaching of ELs.  Delaware has been her home for many years. She's an advocate for DE ELs and is committed to their linguistic and academic progress. 

DELLTA's Advisory Council

Dr. Dianne Abrams

Dr. Dianne Abrams is a retired educator. She has a Ph. D. in Spanish rather than TESOL. However, she has dedicated most of her professional life to teaching TESOL.

She was the ESL Coordinator for Seaford SD for many years. In her retirement she works part-time for the ARTC program, coaching new language teachers. She also reads for Head Start students for the Read Aloud DE program. She believes in good education for all and supports initiatives to help our ELs of all ages to succeed. 

Eileen DeGregoriis

Eileen DeGregoriis is the EL Coordinator for the Smyrna School District in Delaware.  For more than 20 years she has taught French and ESL to grades K-12.  She is a very active advocate for ELs and has served on many DDOE and state committees involving EL issues. Most recently she represented ELs on the Delaware State Systemic Improvement Plan and on the Governor’s ESSA Advisory Council. Ms. DeGregoriis has presented on EL issues statewide and nationally and has served as the President of DELLTA for four years. Under her leadership DELLTA has urged State representatives to consider the need for additional funding for pre- K through 12th grade ELs in Delaware, advocated for a required ESL course for preservice general education teachers, and stressed the importance of protecting the rights of undocumented ELs and their families.

Janice Qi

Janice Qi is a teacher in the Smyrna SD and has taught English Learners K-12 for over 20 years in various DE districts as well as college students in Micronesia and China. She is a past president of DELLTA and enjoys helping current and pre-service teachers gain confidence and expand their skill sets to better serve ELs in mainstream settings.

Jackie Wager

DELLTA's Vice President 

Jackie has been teaching English for seventeen years, first in Central America, then New York, and now in Delaware. She feels passionately about parental engagement programs and advocacy for ELs. Jackie joined DELLTA in 2015 when her family moved to Delaware.

Executive Board 2019-2021

Jackie Wager

Christine Meginniss

Eileen Degregoriis

Oribel McFann-Mora

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